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Deborah Bynum

Communications Associate

Telephone: +1 802 498 0726

Email: [email protected]

Online: LinkedIn

Deborah Bynum provides strategic communications and publications support to RAP’s Europe programme. Ms. Bynum works closely with RAP’s authors to develop research reports and the materials to disseminate them. She guides public outreach efforts in both English and German to advance power sector policy and provide best practices to policymakers, regulators and other audience groups. Previously, she served as communications coordinator, supporting communications, technology and internal training.

Ms. Bynum joined RAP in 2011, bringing more than 20 years of administrative, operational, language and communications experience. Her previous roles included translation and administrative support with a German law firm, a maritime software company, a global services organisation, and The British Council.

Ms. Bynum holds a bachelor’s degree in German from Western Michigan University and studied at the Free University of Berlin as well. After earning her degree, she lived in Germany for 13 years, where she learned fluent German and conversational French.