Our Team

John Shenot

Senior Advisor

Email: [email protected]

John Shenot advises state utility commissions and environmental regulatory agencies throughout the United States on public policy best practices. A unifying theme throughout his work is the need to craft public policies that simultaneously meet societal objectives for affordable, reliable energy and environmental quality. Mr. Shenot’s projects have included providing a series of training workshops and webinars for state and federal regulators on the air quality impacts of energy efficiency and renewable energy; planning and facilitating meetings of the Mid-Atlantic Distributed Resources Initiative (MADRI); and supporting several initiatives of the State and Local Energy Efficiency Action Network (SEE Action). He has also authored or co-authored a wide variety of RAP publications, available in RAP’s library.

Mr. Shenot came to RAP after serving as policy advisor to the Public Service Commission of Wisconsin from 2008 to 2011. He contributed to numerous commission investigations of energy efficiency, renewable energy, and climate change topics. Mr. Shenot previously spent 15 years with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources as an air pollution regulator and electric utility specialist.

Mr. Shenot is a member of the editorial board for the International Confederation of Energy Regulators’ journal, The ICER Chronicle. He also served on the Air Quality Advisory Board for the City of Fort Collins, Colorado, from 2013 to 2016. In 2004, he was awarded an Atlantic Fellowship in Public Policy by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office of the United Kingdom for collaboration with regulators at the Environment Agency in Bristol, England.

Mr. Shenot received a bachelor’s in engineering from the University of Maryland and a master’s in resource policy from the University of Michigan.