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Mahesh Patankar

Mahesh Patankar

Senior Advisor and Consultant

Telephone: +91 98202 25248

Email: [email protected]

Mahesh Patankar provides analytical and research support to RAP’s India team on wholesale market design, innovation in tariff design, and integration of electric vehicles and renewables into the grid. He also advises the team on strategic engagements with stakeholders in Indian states, including governments, utilities, regulators, think tanks, and civil society. 

Before assuming the additional role of senior advisor, Dr. Patankar developed and nurtured a niche advisory service providing cutting-edge solutions on policy, financing, and implementation in the electricity, transportation, and smart built environments. He advises the World Bank Group on water conservation in agriculture, urban, and industrial settings through leading a multi-stakeholder platform that includes the public and private sectors and civil society.   

He has worked for state regulators in India as a staff consultant and for the International Institute of Energy Conservation think tank, the Asian Institute of Technology, and companies in India’s energy and environment domains. He has extensive international work experience, primarily providing energy and environmental solutions to energy economies in Southeast Asia and the southern Pacific islands and intermittently in Africa and the Mideast. 

Dr. Patankar holds an undergraduate degree in chemical engineering (1991) from Shivaji University, a master’s in financial management (1997) from the University of Mumbai, and a doctorate (2006) from the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, where he focused on transitions to alternative public transportation strategies linking policies and implementation.  

He is fluent in English, Hindi, and Marathi and likes to test his skills at Thai.