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Philip Baker

Senior Advisor

Telephone: +44 1788 522 308
Mobile: +44 07504 615 139

Email: [email protected]

Philip Baker is an energy consultant, working with RAP and other clients on power system technical and commercial issues, integrating renewable energy sources, and European electricity market integration. His projects include providing advice on future market design in the United Kingdom, developing transmission charging arrangements in Great Britain, and developing smart grid scenarios.

Mr. Baker has extensive experience with operating power systems and electricity markets, accumulated over a long career in electricity distribution, generation, transmission system operation, government, and academia. For many years, he was responsible for the overall operation and planning of the transmission system in England and Wales with National Grid. He then moved into policy development as the technical director for electrical technology with the UK Department of Trade and Industry, responsible for the development of wind technology and the grid-integration of renewable generation. Before becoming an independent energy consultant, Mr. Baker also held posts in academia as a research fellow with the University of Exeter and the UK Energy Research Council.

Mr. Baker has a master’s degree in electrical power systems engineering from the University of Manchester in the UK, is a chartered electrical engineer, and a fellow of the Institute of Engineering and Technology. He is also a member of the Balancing & Settlement Code Panel, which oversees the operation and development of the electricity balancing and settlement arrangements in Great Britain.