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Robert Lieberman

Senior Advisor

Telephone: +1 708 848 1632

Email: [email protected]

Bob Lieberman joined RAP after serving as a commissioner with the Illinois Commerce Commission and earlier as the chief executive officer of the innovative, Chicago-based Center for Neighborhood Technology, an urban sustainability group.

Mr. Lieberman has 25 years of experience as a designer, implementer, and regulator of innovative demand-side energy efficiency and demand response programs. While serving as commissioner, he organized and presided over the design and implementation collaborative for the Illinois Sustainable Energy Plan that evolved into Illinois’ first energy efficiency and renewable energy portfolio standards. He drafted the commission’s orders that created the Illinois Statewide Smart Grid Collaborative and the Commonwealth Edison AMI pilot.

Mr. Lieberman organized and served as chairman of the Midwest Demand Resources Initiative, a collaborative effort of 14 Midwest state regulatory commissions, and other stakeholders designed to help integrate energy efficiency, demand response, and price-responsive demand into wholesale electricity markets.

Prior to his appointment as a commissioner, Mr. Lieberman served as CEO at the Chicago-based Center for Neighborhood Technology, where he was responsible for the development of the Community Energy Cooperative that designed and implemented energy efficiency and demand response programs for communities in northern Illinois. Among many other offerings, the cooperative introduced and implemented the Energy-Smart Pricing Program, the first hourly pricing program for residential customers in the country.

Mr. Lieberman received a BA in Russian history from Oakland University and a Masters of Public Policy from the Institute of Public Policy Studies at the University of Michigan.