Raj Addepalli

Senior Advisor, Consultant

Raj Addepalli has over 36 years of experience in electric utility regulation. He served more than 20 years at a senior level at the New York Public Service Commission, including three years as managing director, managing all regulated utility rates and service issues and advising decision-makers, including commissioners and state officials. As managing director of utility rates and services, Addepalli led a staff of over 200 professional employees — engineers, accountants, financial analysts and policy analysts — overseeing electric, natural gas, steam and water utilities, as well as issues related to the independent system operator wholesale electric market. He testified as an expert witness on topics such as rate-making, competitive markets, cost of capital, performance-based regulation and service quality before state and federal regulatory agencies and the state legislature. Raj Addepalli’s regulatory expertise is in utility rate-making, both traditional cost of service and performance-based, and competition issues, among other areas. His interest is also in facilitating new investments in infrastructure and determining proper regulatory price signals to attract investment. He led the staff teams that oversaw the performance of competitive wholesale and retail markets. His work also focused on developing policies that promote clean energy.

Currently, Addepalli is an independent consultant. He has worked on projects in the United States, Canada, Central America, Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe and the Pacific Islands on a variety of issues, including electric competitive market design, tariff-setting processes, utility rate filing evaluation, performance-based rate-making, energy industry restructuring, net energy metering for renewable resources, and utility cost mitigation evaluation. He worked as a regulatory advisor with entities such as Deloitte, Tetra Tech, RTI, ECODIT, Resource International, Castlerock Consulting, Economic Consulting Associates, Consolidated Edison, the Natural Resources Defense Council, the National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners, The Liberty Consulting Group, Alliance for Clean Energy New York and Nathan Associates.

He has a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering, a master’s in economics, a Master of Business Administration, and a doctorate in management. He is a chartered financial analyst.