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By David Farnsworth, Jessica Shipley, Jim Lazar, Nancy Seidman
前言 本文为共益电气化:确保电气化实现公共利益 (英文版)摘要第二篇。尽管对于电力公司,消费者和公共环境来说,共益电气化可以带来巨大的创新和机遇,但共益电气化需要各州的行动支持,才能实现相关的利益。本节概述了重要的政策先决条件,实施流程和其他有... Read More

Energy efficiency could cut UK home energy use in half

By Jan Rosenow
“We have done all the easy stuff on energy efficiency,” Dr. Jan Rosenow was told during a 2016 workshop organised by the National Infrastructure Commission on the future of heat in the United Kingdom. Some participants felt that energy efficiency is just too difficult. It was after that workshop that a group of energy efficiency experts got together to answer... Read More


By David Farnsworth, Jessica Shipley, Jim Lazar, Nancy Seidman
前言  本文为睿博能源报告《共益电气化:确保电气化实现公共利益》 (英文版)的部分摘要,简要介绍共益电气化的概念,条件以及实现最大化效益的六大准则,以帮助政策制定者和监管者形成和评估电气化战略。 本系列报告还将包含其他三篇报告,它们分别为监管者... Read More

Making China’s Electricity Markets Work for Clean Energy

By Max Dupuy
As part of the Chinese central government’s power sector reform effort, several provinces have been developing electricity markets. The next stage of this undertaking—design and implementation of “spot markets”—could bring many benefits, including system flexibility to support wind and solar generation, a better-functioning carbon market, rational price... Read More


By Max Dupuy
为落实中国政府2015年电力改革方案,一些省份一直在致力于发展电力市场。中国国家能源局要求8个试点省区推出“现货市场” ,并要求其中一些省级市场在今年年底开始运营。 改革的下一阶段是设计和实施“现货市场”,据报道这些市场将会包括日前市场和实时市场以及... Read More

Elektromobilität – ein Mehrwert für die Stromnetze

By Michael Hogan, Andreas Jahn
Die Stromverteilnetze in Europa arbeiten weit unter ihrem vollen Potenzial. Das Laden von Elektrofahrzeugen kann deshalb weitestgehend ohne zusätzlichen Netzausbau erfolgen, hat das Regulatory Assistance Project (RAP) in einer Kurzanalyse festgestellt. „Intelligente Preisgestaltung und smarte Technologien sind die Schlüssel dafür“, schreiben Mike Hogan und... Read More


By Camille Kadoch, David Littell, Jessica Shipley
美国电力行业的监管体系已有130年历史,而电网正在迅速实现现代化。电力监管机构需要与时俱进,跟上电网现代化步伐。当前兴起的监管模式是基于绩效的监管,简称PBR。很多州现在都在关注如何将电力公司收入和实现绩效目标的能力联系起来,如何在不同环境下应用PBR,... Read More

California’s Mandatory PV Code Amendment: Is It Really Time for This?

By Jim Lazar
The press has been abuzz this summer about the California Energy Commission’s (CEC) new building code amendment that will require most single-family residential and low-rise multi-family dwellings to incorporate PV systems at construction. The amendment takes effect in 2020. Buildings located where solar will not perform well will be exempt, but the typical Cal... Read More

The carbon floor price—a hammer in need of a toolbox

By Richard Cowart
“If your only tool is a hammer, every problem looks like a nail,” goes the saying. In the context of climate policy, the leading hammer is carbon pricing. To many economists and carbon market enthusiasts, putting a price on carbon is by far the preferred tool to drive down carbon pollution. So, whenever carbon prices fail to reduce emissions fast enough, thos... Read More

Brewing Up the Regulation of the Future

By Camille Kadoch, David Littell, Jessica Shipley
The regulatory system that governs U.S. electric utilities is 130 years old—while our power grid is rapidly modernizing. Utility regulators need a tool that can facilitate reform to keep pace with this change. One tool they are increasingly exploring: performance-based regulation, or PBR for short (no, it’s not a beer, it just sounds like one). A variety o... Read More