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Policy Brief September 13, 2019

Protecting Customers from Utility Information System and Technology Failures

By David Littell, Jessica Shipley, Megan O’Reilly

Information systems (IS) and information technology (IT), which continue to grow more innovative every year, promise improved communication, services and billing between utilities and customers, better and more reliable service, and greater visibility into the operations of utility grids. Advanced IS/IT systems are critical to ensuring that smart meters and other...

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Presentation September 10, 2019

Capturing More Value From Distributed Resource Combinations

By John Shenot, Carl Linvill

​In a webinar on Sept. 10, John Shenot and Dr. Carl Linvill looked more in depth at the types of value streams that combinations of distributed energy resources can create and discussed how best to compensate the owners of these resources. They highlighted use cases that demonstrate why customers might consider pairing resources such as solar and storage, and p...

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Presentation September 10, 2019

Hawaii Renewable Energy Development and PBR

By Lijun Yue

​Lijun Yue, senior associate and director of RAP's China Program, presented at an NEA workshop in Beijing called Policy and Energy Reforms for Hainan's Energy Transition. Her presentation, which took place during the international presentations part of the workshop, focused on Hawaii's performance-based regulation and renewable energy development....

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Fact Sheet

Carbon revenues for a just transition

By Louise Sunderland, Richard Cowart

We have in Europe today a huge new opportunity to clean up our energy system, advance social justice and address catastrophic climate change. In this fact sheet, we illuminate the path to achieving these goals — carbon revenue recycling. In other words, we need to invest Europe's EU Emissions Trading System auction revenues into strategic programmes for energy ...

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Report August 29, 2019

Capturing More Value from Combinations of PV and Other Distributed Energy Resources

By John Shenot, Carl Linvill, Max Dupuy, Donna Brutkoski

Much has been written about the value of solar photovoltaic generation, but less about the value of some of the other distributed energy resources — other forms of distributed generation, energy storage, electric vehicles, demand response, and energy efficiency — or how these resources can be combined. This paper considers the types of values (or “value st...

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Presentation August 26, 2019

Smart Charging aus internationaler Perspektive

By Julia Hildermeier

In einer von Agora Verkehrswende, Agora Energiewende und RAP organisierten Veranstaltung in Berlin zum Thema „Elektromobilität und Stromnetze – Netzausbaukosten und intelligente Steuerung“, gab Dr. Julia Hildermeier einen Überblick über internationale Erfahrungen mit intelligentem Laden und zeitvariablen Stromtarifen für Elektrofahrzeuge....

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Report August 26, 2019

Verteilnetzausbau für die Energiewende – Elektromobilität im Fokus

By Kompetenzzentrum Elektromobilität Infrastruktur & Netze, RE-xpertise, Navigant

Die deutschen Stromnetze können in den nächsten Jahrzehnten mit vergleichsweise geringem Aufwand fit für die massenhafte Einführung von Elektroautos gemacht werden. Eine intelligente Regulierung vorausgesetzt, wird es bis 2050 jährlich 1,5 Milliarden Euro kosten, Kabel und Trafos so zu verstärken, dass sie den Strom für einen dann vollelektrifizierten Pkw-...

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Presentation August 20, 2019

Grid Modernization and New Utility Business Model

By Janine Migden-Ostrander

​At a Clean Energy Legislative Academy conference in Breckenridge, Colorado, RAP’s Janine Migden-Ostrander and Mike O'Boyle of Energy Innovation explored the part that legislators can play in furthering grid modernization....

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Presentation August 16, 2019

An Insight into Discoms’ Business and Investment Decisions

By Rasika Athawale

At an energy finance conference hosted by the Centre for Financial Accountability, Rasika Athawale highlighted cost optimization as a driver for exploring the role of load flexibility. Instead of signing more long-term power purchase agreements with conventional plants, distribution companies can unlock value by deploying demand-side measures....

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Presentation August 15, 2019

Beneficial Electrification and Emissions Efficiency

By David Farnsworth

​​In a webinar for the Association of Energy Service Professionals, David Farnsworth highlighted reductions in greenhouse gases as a key measure of beneficial electrification....

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