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Presentation November 13, 2018

Public policies for the energy and transport transition in Europe—a third-sector view

By Julia Hildermeier

​The ESADE business and law school in Madrid invited Julia Hildermeier to speak at its global annual energy meeting with the theme "The Energy Transition and the Future of Transport." Dr. Hildermeiner shared public policy recommendations for the decarbonisation of transport....

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Policy Brief November 8, 2018

Regional resource adequacy assessments: The key to ensuring security of supply at a reasonable cost

By Christos Kolokathis, Philip Baker, Michael Hogan

The cost-efficient sharing of resources between Member States could save European consumers 8 billion euros annually by 2030 by reducing the need for investment in new resources to keep the lights on, according to the European Commission’s estimates. However, these benefits will largely remain unexploited if Member States continue with the current, uncoordinate...

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Presentation November 8, 2018

Beneficial Electrification: Considerations for Space Heating

By David Farnsworth, Jim Lazar, Jessica Shipley

In a RAP webinar presentation, David Farnsworth, Jim Lazar, and Jessica Shipley discussed considerations for ensuring that electrification of space heating benefits consumers, the power grid, and the environment, as well as regulatory and policy tools for implementing the transition to electrified heating....

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Webinar (video)

Beneficial Electrification: Considerations for Space Heating (Webinar)

Space heating is an important opportunity for beneficial electrification—but the types of opportunities vary significantly by region, building type, and policy landscape. RAP’s November 2018 paper on this topic analyzes these opportunities, and it offers guidance on how regulators can evaluate and implement policies and programs to electrify space heating. In a webinar on November...

Report November 8, 2018

Beneficial Electrification of Space Heating

By Jessica Shipley, Jim Lazar, David Farnsworth, Camille Kadoch

RAP’s definition of beneficial electrification asserts that an electrified end use must satisfy at least one of the following conditions, without adversely affecting the other two: Saves consumers money over the long run; Enables better grid management; and Reduces negative environmental impacts. Because space heating represents such a sizable pro...

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Presentation October 29, 2018

Beneficial Electrification: Considerations for Appliance Standards

By Jessica Shipley

​In a presentation for the Appliance Standards Awareness Project in Washington, D.C., Jessica Shipley discussed the hallmarks of beneficial electrification and the key role appliance standards will play as electrification in the public interest advances....

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Presentation October 25, 2018

Smart Rate Design

By Jim Lazar

​Speaking on smart rate design in a Smart Energy Consumer Collaborative webinar, Jim Lazar discussed fixed charges and residential demand charges and focused on time-varying and dynamic pricing​. This webinar​ also included presentations from Sarah Gulezian, of Elevate Energy, on the Opt-In Illinois Real-Time Pricing residential program and by Carrie...

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Presentation October 24, 2018

Beneficial Electrification: The Basics

By David Farnsworth

​In a presentation for Vermont Law School​, David Farnsworth discussed how to ensure that electrification occurs in the public interest. ​...

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Policy Brief

Power systems in the 2020s: What can Germany and the PJM region learn from each other?

By Michael Hogan, Frederick Weston, Raffaele Piria

The PJM market in the United States and the integrated electricity market in the EU are two examples of competitive wholesale electricity markets. As such, both approach the task of delivering reliable electricity to consumers at a reasonable cost from a broadly shared perspective. That said, the details of each and the contexts within which they operate are in m...

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