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Presentation September 14, 2021

Smart Rate Design for Distributed Energy Resources

By Mark LeBel

​In a presentation for the Michigan Senate Committee on Energy and Technology, Mark LeBel discussed smart rate design principles and pathways for distributed energy resources....

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Webinar (video)

Building a Next-Generation Mix of Energy Resources: Procurement Best Practices

Regulators have been thinking for decades about how competition can support an energy resource mix that best aligns with the public interest. Now, the landscape for competitive utility procurement is changing in many ways. Lower-cost renewables, increased electrification, decarbonization targets, and equity and affordability goals all present new opportunities — and challenges — for regulators...

Presentation September 9, 2021

History and Theory of Wholesale Electricity Markets

By Mark LeBel

​In a webinar for the National Governors Association, Mark LeBel reviewed the history and structures of electricity markets as well as the implications for state clean energy policies....

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Presentation September 9, 2021

Building a Next-Generation Mix of Energy Resources: Procurement Best Practices

By Fredrich (Fritz) Kahrl, Lauren Shwisberg, Carl Linvill, Max Dupuy

​In an interactive webinar presentation, panelists discussed a “next-generation” approach to utility procurement and evolving best practices, based in part on recent work done by RAP and RMI. The webinar offered recommendations on how to design clear rules for procurement processes that consider all available resources, are aligned with both utility and pub...

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Presentation September 2, 2021

Performance-Based Regulation for Resilience

By David Littell

​In a technical meeting for the Connecticut Public Utilities Regulatory Authority, David Littell explored the role of performance-based regulation in helping states achieve a robust and resilient energy system....

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Report August 24, 2021

Zukünftige Anforderungen an eine energiewendegerechte Netzkostenallokation

By Nina Zetsche, Philipp Daniel Hauser, Thorsten Lenck, Andreas Jahn

Mit fortschreitender Energiewende werden fluktuierende Erneuerbare Energien immer zentraler bei der Energieversorgung. Für ein kosteneffizientes Energiesystem müssen die bestehenden industriellen und größeren kommerziellen Verbraucher sowie deren anstehende Elektrifizierung der Wärme- und Produktionsprozesse (Sektorenkopplung) darauf reagieren. Strompreise s...

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Report August 9, 2021

Unlocking demand-side response in Turkey

By Sophie Yule-Bennett, Dominic Scott, Ahmet Acar

Turkey’s energy system has vast potential for integrating renewable energy and for smart technology innovation. Both of these advancements are crucial to decarbonise the power sector, improve grid efficiency and ensure resilience. Policy makers can play a pivotal role in helping Turkey achieve its clean energy vision by designing policies to maximise the value ...

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Policy Brief


在清洁转型和气候变化的大形势下,保证电力系统安全稳定至关重要。这需要合理预测负荷、准确衡量各个资源的贡献,更好地利用区域市场优势来维持高可靠性,达到鼓励竞争、降低成本、减少排放的目的。 本文首刊于《电力决策与舆情参考》  ...

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