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Policy Brief March 21, 2019

Photovoltaik-Eigenversorgung: Erfahrungen aus den Net-Energy-Metering-Programmen der USA

By Andreas Jahn, Megan O’Reilly, Matthias Deutsch

Stromerzeugung auf dem eigenen Dach ist die dezentralste Form der Energiewende, der eine breite Unterstützung gilt. Trotz der stark gesunkenen Kosten für Photovoltaikanlagen ist der Zubau jedoch begrenzt. Ein Grund könnte in der Ausrichtung der Förderung liegen, denn in Deutschland orientieren sich die Photovoltaik-Vergütungen an den Kosten der Erzeugung, al...

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Report March 13, 2019

Leading Utility Regulatory Reform: Process Options and Lessons From Oregon

By Sherri Billimoria, Jessica Shipley, Leia Guccione

Unprecedented changes are underway in the electricity sector, and regulatory reform efforts aimed at responding to these changes are being initiated across the country. These efforts represent an opportunity for states to undertake new kinds of stakeholder engagement that are not typical of traditional public utility commissioner proceedings. States have many opt...

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Presentation March 12, 2019

Demand response: a powerful flexibility resource

By Zsuzsanna Pató

​The Energy Regulators Regional Association (ERRA) invited Dr. Zsuzsanna Pató to speak at a workshop in Budapest on power system flexibility. Dr. Pató explored the value of demand response as a flexibility resource for mitigating system challenges, reducing costs, and improving reliability. She also shared examples of its implementation in the U.S. and Europ...

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Presentation March 5, 2019

Deepening Solar Investment through Beneficial Electrification

By Carl Linvill

RAP's ​Carl Linvill and Scott Blunk of Sacramento Municipal Utility District conducted a SolSmart-sponsored webinar on solar and beneficial electrification, highlighting ways local governments can ensure these investments are mutually beneficial....

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Report February 28, 2019

Economic Benefits and Energy Savings through Low-Cost Carbon Management

By Richard Cowart, David Farnsworth, Frederick Weston

In the 2018 legislative session, the Vermont Legislature called for a study to examine the possible methods, costs, and benefits of using carbon pricing to address the problem of carbon pollution in the state. RAP was then asked to assess that study, produced by Resources for the Future (RFF), as further analysis for the Legislature's Joint Fiscal Office. To a...

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Presentation February 28, 2019

Drivers of recent EU energy consumption growth

By Samuel Thomas

​Samuel Thomas was invited to speak at the World Sustainable Energy Days 2019 in Wels, Austria, about the increase in EU energy consumption over recent years. He analysed the main causes of the rise and highlighted the urgent need to step up energy efficiency, particularly in the building sector. Evaluation, monitoring and verification of the efficiency measu...

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Presentation February 19, 2019

Engaging Utility Regulators on Solar Policy

By Carl Linvill

​Dr. Carl Linvill discussed regulator engagement strategies to reduce barriers to the development of solar energy during a webinar for the Urban Sustainability Directors Network....

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Presentation February 16, 2019

Beneficial Electrification: Electrification in the Public Interest

By David Farnsworth

​At a conference at Vermont Law School in South Royalton, Vermont, David Farnsworth described electrification principles and implementation strategies to benefit customers, grid management, and the environment....

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Policy Brief February 15, 2019

Revisiting the Gas Tax

By David Farnsworth, Jim Lazar

As they electrify their transportation sectors, states will need to consider how best to incorporate electric vehicles, electric buses, and other vehicles using electricity as fuel into the way they fund transportation sector construction and maintenance. In recent years, various taxes and other mechanisms have been unable to keep up with transportation infrastru...

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