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Decarbonising heat in buildings – a comparison of policies in Germany and New England

By Jan Rosenow, David Farnsworth

Decarbonising building heat presents both a significant opportunity and challenge to policymakers. Because of the fuel they use and the resulting carbon emissions, buildings are a critical target for energy efficiency. In order to deliver a clean energy system, most buildings will have to be highly energy efficient. They will need low‑carbon energy technologies...

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By Christopher James


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Policy Brief April 29, 2019

New England’s Rate Design Disconnect: Analyzing the Region’s Wide Variation in Electricity Bills

By David Littell, Joni Sliger

Maps showing the average monthly customer bill in each New England state (left) and rates per kilowatt-hour for large utilities throughout the region (right).   Household electricity bills vary significantly across the United States, but in no region do they vary as much as in New England. The average household in Massachusetts pays 34 percent more...

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Report April 15, 2019

Netzentgelte 2019: Zeit für Reformen

By Andreas Jahn, Thorsten Lenck, Patrick Graichen

Die Diskussion über eine Reform der Netzentgeltsystematik dauert inzwischen mehrere Jahre, ohne dass bisher Fortschritte erkennbar wären. Im Gegenteil: Die bestehenden Netzkosten und Netzentgelte werden wieder intransparenter, und etliche Verteilnetzbetreiber haben einen schleichenden Prozess in Richtung höhere Grundpreise in Gang gesetzt. Die Politik hat eine...

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Presentation April 11, 2019

Electricity Trends and Critical PUC Activities

By Carl Linvill

​In a National Governors Association webinar for new energy advisors, Carl Linvill highlighted the critical role of utility commissions in advancing power sector reform....

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Presentation April 7, 2019

Low-Voltage Rate Design for Brazil

By Jim Lazar

​Jim Lazar presented by videoconference to a workshop convened in Brasilia by the Brazilian regulator, ANEEL. His presentation included discussion of the nature of residential loads, the nature of diversity on a power system, and the best approaches to rate design to address system capacity cost recovery. It explains why demand charges are less accurate ways to...

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Presentation April 4, 2019

Why Integrated Resource Planning Matters for Air Quality

By Nancy Seidman

In a webinar on power sector planning for the National Association of Clean Air Agencies, Nancy Seidman discussed how integrated resource planning compares to state implementation plans, a process familiar to state and local air quality agencies. She urged air quality agencies to consider participating in integrated resource planning or adopting some of ...

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Policy Brief


By Max Dupuy


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Report March 26, 2019

Best Practices for Achieving Cleaner Air and Lower Carbon

By Christopher James

The State Council’s Ten Measures Action Plan and regional efforts like those in Jing-Jin-Ji, Yangzte River, and Pearl River Deltas have reduced the severity and duration of China’s air pollution. But pollution levels must drop by two-thirds or more from their 2013 concentrations to reach the country’s Grade I PM2.5 and even further to meet the World Health ...

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