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Decompression: Policy and regulatory options to manage the gas grid in a decarbonising UK

By Richard Lowes

For countries with significant proportions of gas in their heating mixes that are looking to decarbonise and reduce exposure to gas imports, there is a major question around how to deal with existing gas distribution infrastructure in an equitable way which supports consumers. Yet this question has received only limited policy focus. This briefing considers this...

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Policy Brief July 28, 2023


By Jingying (Jing) Chen


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Implications of the Fit for 55 package on Member States’ energy saving obligations

By Samuel Thomas, Marion Santini, Danai Sofia Exintaveloni, Jean-Sébastien Broc

The Council of the European Union voted on 25 July 2023 to adopt the final text of the recast of the Energy Efficiency Directive. This was the last step in the decision-making process and is the right time to consider the implications of the latest changes in the EU legislation. What will EU Member States need to do to meet their new energy savings obligations...

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Solar and wind only cannibalise prices if you let them: A Power System Blueprint Deep Dive

By Dominic Scott, Bram Claeys

A recurring theme in energy market discussions is the fear that increasing shares of solar and wind with negligible running costs will lead to plummeting electricity prices — so-called price cannibalisation — making further investments in renewables uneconomic. This has fuelled concerns that investment in renewables — having at last reached cost competit...

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Policy Brief July 18, 2023

Policy and regulatory tools to assist achievement of India’s low-carbon energy goals

By Frederick Weston, Raj Addepalli, Mahesh Patankar

India is on an ambitious path India has embarked on aggressive plans to reform its electricity sector in keeping with its nationally determined contributions (NDC) submitted to the U.N. Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) and with its current and future energy needs. The importance accorded by the Government of India to electricity sector plans and ...

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Policy Brief

EVs Need to Pay Their Fair Share: A Proper Road Use Fee for Electric Vehicles

By Jim Lazar, Raphael Breit

Electric vehicles (EVs) need to pay their fair share of road construction and maintenance costs. But by targeting EV owners with inequitable and inefficient fees, state legislatures continue to miss the opportunity to solve the challenge of responsibly funding highways. In the United States, highway construction and maintenance are primarily funded through taxe...

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Policy Brief July 3, 2023


By Ruoshui Li, Zachary Ming, Wang Xuan


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Policy Brief July 3, 2023


By Wang Xuan


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Policy Brief July 3, 2023


By Wang Xuan

近年来,在成本下降以及低碳目标的驱动下,可再生能源发展迅速。如何更好地利用可再生能源发电,构建以可再生能源为主体的新型电力系统,并且在可负担的能源成本的前提下保障电力系统的可靠性已经成为主旋律。 国家的现有法律鼓励和支持利用可再生能源和清洁能�...

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Policy Brief June 30, 2023


By Wang Xuan


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