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Policy Brief September 21, 2017

Public Benefit Funds: Finanzierungsmechanismus für Energieeffizienz-Investitionen

By Andreas Jahn, Jan Rosenow

In der Hälfte der US-Bundesstaaten, Südafrika und Brasilen sind Public Benefit Funds der maßgebliche Finanzierungsmechanismus für Energieeffizienz- und Erneuerbaren Energien-Investitionen. Dabei handelt es sich um eine regulatorisch festgesetzte, sehr geringe Umlage auf die verbrauchte Energieeinheit. Mit diesen Einnahmen werden die Programme finanziert, die ...

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Presentation September 21, 2017

Performance-Based Regulation: The Power of Outcomes

By David Littell, Camille Kadoch

Advanced technologies are unleashing the potential for change in power sectors around the globe, transforming the way electricity is generated, delivered, and consumed. These changes hold great promise for a better, cleaner, more reliable and lower-cost future. Whether the benefits are achieved will depend on reforming the regulatory approaches to align regulatio...

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Presentation September 14, 2017

Power Markets in an Era of Low Marginal Costs

By David Littell

At a workshop with Resources for the Future and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, David Littell examined the fundamentals of energy market price formation in a context of cheaper renewable power....

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Report September 12, 2017

Next-Generation Performance-Based Regulation: Emphasizing Utility Performance to Unleash Power Sector Innovation

By David Littell, Camille Kadoch, Philip Baker, Ranjit Bharvirkar, Max Dupuy, Brenda Hausauer, Carl Linvill, Janine Migden-Ostrander, Jan Rosenow, Wang Xuan, Owen Zinaman, Jeffrey Logan

Performance-based regulation (PBR) enables regulators to reform 100-year-old regulatory structures to unleash innovations within 21st century power systems. Our current electric system is built upon an old regulatory paradigm that ensured safe and reliable electricity at reasonable prices from capital-intensive electricity monopolies. Today, disruptive technologi...

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Presentation September 12, 2017

Non-Traditional Regulation: A Survey

By Frederick Weston

At a workshop for the Vermont Public Utility Commission, Frederick Weston explored performance-based regulation around the United States and in other parts of the world, identifying key program design questions for regulators as they consider how best to align the private interest with the public....

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Policy Brief August 30, 2017

Regional Operational Centres: A review of the Commission’s proposal and recommendations for improvement

By Philip Baker, Julie Finkler, Christos Kolokathis

Close coordination of Europe's power networks on a regional basis is important, as illustrated vividly in November 2006, when Europe came close to experiencing a widespread blackout. Since that time, Transmission System Operators (TSOs) have voluntarily worked together to increase regional coordination. In its 'Clean Energy for All Europeans' legislative package,...

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Policy Brief

Assessing the European Council’s Proposal for Article 7 of the Energy Efficiency Directive

By Jan Rosenow

Energy efficiency plays a critical role in achieving the ambitious carbon reduction goals set out in the Paris Agreement. The International Energy Agency (IEA) created a model scenario, aligned with the Paris Agreement, which indicates that half of global emission reductions will be achieved through energy efficiency measures. In consideration of these objectives...

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Policy Brief August 21, 2017

Die Kräfte des Marktes für Energieeffizienz nutzen

By Jan Rosenow

Eine vielversprechende Option zur konsequenten Förderung von Energieeffizienz sind sogenannte marktbasierte Instrumente. Darunter fallen wettbewerbliche Ausschreibungen, Auktionsmechanismen, Weiße Zertifikate und Energieeffizienzverpflichtungen. Dieses Briefing fasst die wesentlichen Ergebnisse einer Studie des Regulatory Assistance Project und der Internationa...

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