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Regulatory Assistance Project (RAP)® is an independent, global non-governmental organization with a mission of advancing policy innovation and thought leadership within the energy community.

We are proud to be a diverse, global team connected by values that are built on passion and dedication making a difference in the future of our world.

What Drives Us

Our vision is to create a clean, reliable, equitable and cost-effective energy future for all.

We are working toward this vision by providing the clarity and innovative ideas the energy community needs to navigate the complexities of the energy transition. By developing and sharing global best practices tailored to local priorities, RAP has become a trusted advisor and partner in creating effective change.

Four core values guide our work:

  • Strive to improve the world and ourselves: We are driven by the urgent need to decarbonize our economies and achieve energy justice. To do this well, we start with looking inward, taking care of ourselves and our organization so that we bring our best selves to the tasks at hand. We prioritize opportunities to reduce greenhouse gas emissions or to create new regulatory and policy models for rapid and effective decarbonization.
  • Collaborate with curiosity and purpose: We value the unique set of skills and experiences each member of our team brings to solving our most pressing challenges. We seek first to understand so that we can innovate solutions to on-the-ground needs.
  • Put people at the center of all we do: People are at the heart of RAP’s work. We nurture the empathy, courage and confidence needed to make bold and timely decisions — both within our team and among the people we serve. We support regulatory processes that foster deeper engagement with communities and solutions that empower individuals to be active participants and beneficiaries in the energy transition. As a result, we deliver solutions that build a healthier, more equitable energy system.
  • Pursue progress, not perfection: Knowing there is no single “right” answer to the challenges we face, we approach our work with integrity, honesty and transparency. As an organization, we are fiercely independent of special interests. We pursue meaningful, durable progress that serves the public interest.


Independence and experience are the pillars of RAP’s collective and innate desire to contribute to a better world.

RAP was born from a realization that energy regulators hold the keys to a cleaner, more just future. What began as a project to help U.S. utility regulators improve energy planning blossomed into a global institution delivering non-partisan technical advice to policymakers around the world. 

Since 1992, leading philanthropic foundations and governments have trusted and supported RAP’s mission and programs. Our team’s independence from lobbying interests means we approach challenges with integrity and with the public interest in mind. 

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“The thing that makes me most hopeful about the continued progress of the clean energy transition is the rapidly expanding ecosystem of groups and organisations working in support. Organisations that are more usually focussed on social issues than energy issues are bringing important voices.”

Louise Sunderland