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China’s power sector—the largest in the world— has seen dramatic growth in renewable energy resources and energy efficiency. However, coal still accounts for the lion’s share of electricity generation, and China’s power sector alone accounts for a quarter of annual global coal consumption. Getting to a clean energy future requires overcoming major policy and regulatory barriers.

The RAP team has been deeply engaged with China’s energy sector since 1999. We tailor cutting-edge solutions for China, drawing on our hands-on expertise in Europe, the United States, India, and other regions. Our efforts span the breadth of China’s challenges and opportunities—increasing energy efficiency, improving resource planning, integrating renewables into the grid, reducing air pollution, and designing markets and emissions trading regimes—as it seeks to transform its power sector and meet aggressive environmental goals.


Our Focus

In early 2015, Chinese leaders outlined a broad plan to transform the power sector, to put it on a sustainable, clean trajectory over the coming decades. The vision embraces much of what RAP and its partners, both local and international, have been advancing in our collaborations with policymakers over the years. RAP supports the reform effort by helping policymakers build institutional capacity and develop effective regulatory practices to execute against policy goals. We offer technical assistance and policy advice to decision-makers, provide training to regulatory agencies and utilities, support forward-thinking research, and inform public discussion.

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