The Regulatory Assistance Project (RAP)® is an independent, global, nongovernmental organization advancing policy innovation and thought leadership within the energy community. 

RAP works toward a clean, reliable, equitable, and cost-efficient energy future. RAP provides clarity, vision and new ideas to decision-makers and the broader energy community, by developing and sharing global best practices tailored to local priorities, acting as a trusted advisor to promote implementation. RAP’s team focuses on the world’s four largest power markets, responsible for half of all power generation:China, Europe, India, and the United States.

In the next five years RAP will focus on key policy areas to drive a more efficient, equitable, decarbonized energy future and to ensure a sustainable and just transition. We will do what we do best: develop solutions to the questions regulators and other decision-makers are asking (or should be asking); change the narrative; and leverage partnerships to accelerate change. RAP’s policy areas build upon past work and complement each other:

    • Accelerate electrification of buildings and transportation.
    • Accelerate the phase-out of gas infrastructure.
    • Remove barriers to distributed energy resources.
    • Decarbonize the electric grid.

The Regulatory Assistance Project is an equal opportunity employer.

We are hiring for the following position:

India and New Opportunities Program Director

The India and New Opportunities Program Director is responsible for leadership, management, and financial viability of RAP’s work in India and working to develop and grow new opportunities in other regions. The Director is expected to provide strategic leadership and vision in guiding this work and will guide a team of professional staff.

The India and New Opportunities Program Director will be a trusted advisor, a door-opener who embraces RAP’s philosophy to confidently deliver solutions, to grow RAP’s impact in and accelerate the energy transition outside the core areas of work.

Duties and responsibilities include program and staff management, thought leadership, and fundraising. The ideal candidate will bring top-level technical expertise and experience with power sector policy, including both a broad knowledge of trends around the world and recognized in-depth professional or academic expertise in one or more sub-fields. They will also expand RAP’s reach and influence on the adoption of public policies and solutions to the most pressing energy and environmental challenges in India and other regions, including engaging with current and prospective funders for this expansion.


August Leadership, a global firm with a leading social impact/non-profit practice has been exclusively retained for this engagement. Leading the search are Nicole Kamaleson, Mrinalini Singh, and Susan Waweru, partners in the firm.

To make recommendations or to express your interest, please send an email to [email protected]. All inquiries and discussions will be considered strictly confidential.

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