Time and again statements asserting that high penetrations of clean energy resources like energy efficiency and renewable energy could endanger electric system reliability have proven false. We refer to these assertions collectively as “playing the reliability card” against clean energy. In a RAP webinar held on February 12, 2015, Carl Linvill offered insight into when the reliability card is being played and provided methods for determining whether the reliability claims are valid.Drawing on RAP’s “Clean Energy Keeps the Lights On,” Dr. Linvill reviews studies by respected technical experts, including GE Energy Consulting, Brattle Group, E3, and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, which found that renewable energy penetrations of 30 percent of total energy (or more in some places) can be accommodated without imposing any significant system reliability impacts. Dr. Linvill also reviews the proposed Clean Power Plan and concludes that the proposed targets are modest compared with viable renewable energy penetration futures.