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Amidst rising gas prices and groundbreaking US climate legislation, heat pumps are in the national spotlight. Now is the time to accelerate the deployment of this super-efficient technology across the country. But on a practical level, what is the most feasible and cost-effective path for consumers to adopt and operate heat pumps in their homes?

CLASP and RAP co-hosted a dynamic conversation about the opportunities to increase the deployment of heat pumps by using them to replace end-of-life air conditioners. This unique solution, in which the legacy heating system remains in place as a backup for high heating loads, offers consumers leading cost and energy savings while taking vital steps toward full home heating decarbonization.

Participants heard from leaders across the policy, research, industry, and installer communities to learn more about how this solution is already contributing to state and federal decarbonization goals.

For background information and analysis of this opportunity, please see the latest report from CLASP and RAP or the two-page summary.