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State and federal utility regulators have traditionally controlled the electric power industry through their decisions. But rapid technology change means cleaner, lower-cost, and more resilient options for meeting customers’ energy needs are or soon will be available. Customers may soon have cost-effective options to meet their own energy needs through transactive platforms and markets. Regulators will have far less ability to control power sector developments than in the past, but they will be in a key position to influence and perhaps manage their states’ transition to this future. How can utility regulators best prepare for this changing world?

On February 8, 2018, RAP hosted a roundtable webinar exploring the nature and impact of these trends and a discussion of what regulators can do now to help ensure positive outcomes for their states. Ken Colburn, Richard Sedano, Jim Lazar, Michael Hogan, David Farnsworth, and John Shenot discuss:

  • The rapidly falling cost of renewables and what it means for markets;
  • New tools that enable utilities to shape load;
  • Resiliency, including ways to strengthen the grid to better withstand and recover from extreme weather events; and
  • How these trends are resonating beyond the United States, and what lessons can be learned from other countries’ responses.

Their presentation is followed by a Q&A session.