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Report May 17, 2012

Kapazitätsmärkte in den USA und Kolumbien

By Meg Gottstein

At the request of policy advisors within the German government, RAP Europe summarizes the lessons learned from the “forward” capacity markets implemented to date. The paper draws from these lessons key market design observations for Germany, as it proceeds to decarbonise the power sector under its Energiewende (“energy turn”) policies and objectives. This...

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Journal Article February 29, 2012

Was würde Ludwig Erhard sagen?

By Meg Gottstein

February 29-March 1, 2012, Berlin RAP Europe on the “WirtschaftsEffizienzWunder” potential for Germany’s EnergieWende RAP Europe’s recent article published in the German Financial Times was highlighted by European parliamentarian Claude Turmes in his keynote speech in Berlin on February 29, at the annual conference of the Deutsche Unternehmensinitiative E...

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Presentation February 8, 2012

Müssen wir “beyond capacity markets” denken?

By Meg Gottstein

RAP Principal Meg Gottstein was invited to speak along with the President of Germany’s Federal Regulatory Agency, key German policy advisors and industry representatives at the “e-world-2012” conference in Essen on this pressing topic in Germany. Her presentation drawing on a case study of US forward capacity markets poses the question: “Should we be thin...

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Presentation November 18, 2011

“Energieeinsparverpflichtungen” neu denken, neu gestalten

By Meg Gottstein, Richard Cowart

In a series of November meetings in Berlin, RAP Europe was invited by several Germany Ministries and federal departments (including Ministries of Economics/Technnology, Environment, Finance, and the Federal Chancellery) as well as by key members of German Parliament to give this presentation on global experience with energy savings obligations. The presentation i...

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Report November 3, 2011

Zusammenfassung: Energetische Sanierung von Wohngebäuden – Ein Fahrplan für die Zukunft/Executive Summary: Residential Efficiency Retrofits – A Roadmap for the Future

By Meg Gottstein, Blair Hamilton

Rund die Hälfte der potenziell möglichen Energieeffizienzsteigerungen und Emissionsminderungen im Gebäudebereich in Nordamerika und Europa wird über die energetische Sanierung bestehender Häuser erreicht werden müssen. RAP hat den vorliegenden Fahrplan für die Zukunft erstellt, als Unterstützung für Politik und Praxis bei der Ausarbeitung und Umsetzung e...

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Presentation July 28, 2011

Kapazitätsmärkte für einen klimaneutralen Stromsektor: Herausforderungen und Erfahrungen

By Meg Gottstein

At the request of the Ministry for Environment, Climate and Energy of Baden-Württemberg, RAP’s Meg Gottstein gave this presentation (in German) on the lessons learned with capacity markets in North America, and how to design market rules capable of meeting this region’s system reliability requirements as the percentage of renewables increase and nuclear powe...

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