Excess Rooftop Solar Generation, A Source of Help for Neighbors

It seems that almost overnight, huge numbers of American electricity consumers have become electricity producers, mostly via their rooftop solar systems. Today, these Americans aren’t just pulling electrons from the grid, they are adding to the supply of electricity, this indispensable component of modern life. Many are probably producing more electricity than they can use…


Utility “Shadow Billing” Can Shed Light on Rate Options

Could two electricity bills really be better than one? Just maybe, if the second is a “shadow bill,” provided to educate customers about alternatives to the rates they are charged. Specifically, for electricity customers interested in saving money and for utilities interested in promoting certain electricity rate designs, including time-of-use (TOU) rates, shadow billing could…


Protecting the Competitive Market for Services in a Changing Power Sector

The electric industry is in transition and some jurisdictions are reconsidering the role of the utility and private enterprises offering products and services to customers. New companies are offering services and products, including energy efficiency, demand response, and distributed generation, among others that provide more information, which allows customers to make sound, personalized choices about…