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Presentation August 26, 2020

Vehicle-to-Grid: Right At Your Doorstep

By Jeffrey Taft, Chris King, Willett Kempton, Sara Parkison, David Farnsworth

​In a webinar presentation, Jeffrey Taft of the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, Chris King of Siemens, and Willett Kempton and Sara Parkison of the University of Delaware discussed strategies for moving forward on the adoption of vehicle-to-grid technology, including grid architecture needs, interoperability and regulatory improvements. David Farnsworth ...

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Webinar (video)

Vehicle-to-Grid: Right at Your Doorstep

Electric vehicles (EVs) are parked nearly all the time, and with minor changes, they could provide grid services. They have an onboard battery and conversion equipment. Why, then, do vehicle-to-grid (V2G) applications always feel like they’re 10 years away? How do we support seamless, least-cost, reliable and efficient integration of EV charging data and operations...