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Report October 5, 2020

A Collaborative for Greater Coordination and Integration Among the Electric Grids of Eastern Canada and the Northeastern United States

By Richard Cowart, Richard Sedano, Frederick Weston, Jonathan Raab, Philippe Abergel, Paul Burke

Greater integration among regional power grids would lower electric sector emissions and power costs across eastern Canada and the northeastern United States, but coordination today is limited. A new report by an international team, led by RAP in collaboration with The Transition Accelerator and Raab Associates, reveals that key stakeholders on both sides of the ...

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Report June 16, 2008

Taking it to the Streets: Innovative Public Engagement Process on Vermont’s Electricity Future

By Jonathan Raab, Richard Sedano

In 2007, Vermont embarked on a statewide process to gain citizen input on the state’s future electricity choices. This paper discusses the innovative public engagement process choices made by Vermont and its tell-tale polling results. The paper specifically addresses how energy efficiency fared in the public’s responses, and discuss the merits and costs of pu...

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