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Report June 27, 2013

EU Power Policies for Plug-in Electric Vehicles: Accelerating from here to en masse

By Sarah Keay-Bright, Riley Allen

Plug-in electric vehicles (PEVs) can help deliver the EU 2050 policy vision of cities free of conventionally fuelled vehicles and a power sector absent of carbon, as they have no tailpipe emissions and create far less noise compared with conventional vehicles. How and when PEVs are recharged can dramatically affect the electric grid. As a result, regulation of th...

Electric Vehicles, Market Design, Power Markets and Reliability, Regulation and Governance, Role of Regulatory Institutions Download View Summary
Report June 6, 2013

The EU Air Quality Review: What Role for Energy Efficiency, Clean Energy and Demand Response?

By Sarah Keay-Bright, Christopher James, Ken Colburn

The European Commission (EC) has announced that 2013 is the “Year of Air” and a comprehensive policy package will be proposed by year end. As part of a decadal review of air quality standards, the EC’s 2013 focus offers significant opportunity to link air quality and energy policies. The EU approach to air policy involves the setting of overarching national...

Climate and Public Health, Energy Efficiency and Demand Response, Grid-Scale Renewables, Integrated Energy and Environmental Policy Download View Summary