This report on determining energy savings for Energy Efficiency Obligation (EEO) schemes was drafted in response to the publication by the European Commission of the draft Energy Efficiency Directive (EED). In particular, the report addresses Article 6 on energy efficiency obligation schemes and the accompanying Annex V. The aim of this report is to help ensure that EEOs on energy distributors or retail energy sales companies are established by Member States in a transparent, consistent, and coherent manner when it comes to evaluating the energy savings from such obligations. This report is based on a review of the processes that currently exist in a number of Member States, as well as territories outside the EU for determining energy savings from energy efficiency measures using EEOs. From this review, best practices are identified that should be used to derive high level guidelines and procedures on how energy saving should be determined. Guidance on the monitoring and verification procedures that would need to be in place to ensure that the energy companies meet their obligations is also provided. This report also presents the approach to determining energy saving values for the main classes of energy efficiency measures in buildings (such as upgrades to heating equipment, insulation, lighting, appliances), including individual measures within each class. The importance of sampling, and appropriate sample sizes, is also discussed.