The EU Green Deal includes, among its climate neutrality initiatives, promises to put “people first,” be “just and inclusive” and to “[leave] no one behind”. The package of legislation – the Fit for 55 package – introduced to deliver on the deal includes energy poverty mitigation measures, protections and steps to ensure that those most effected by energy poverty are not excluded from the forward momentum for clean energy.  

These measures have significant potential to alleviate energy poverty, but their success depends on efficient and coherent implementation. This briefing is intended as a navigation tool for those supporting effective national implementation. It summarises the new provisions across different EU Directives and offers insights into how these new measures may be effectively implemented, utilising existing examples from across Europe. 

Louise Sunderland, managing principal for RAP’s Europe programme, discusses the new EU energy poverty mitigation framework currently in place as part of the Fit for 55 package. This video will help policymakers understand and navigate these measures, and will help them support effective energy policy alleviation at the national and local level.

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