Access to consumption data from utilities enables building owners to cut utility costs, save money, increase asset value, and reduce carbon emissions. Too often, owners cannot access accurate data, especially when utilities bill tenants directly. 

Stakeholders in many jurisdictions requested technical advice to craft a legislative framework that builds on existing experience and best practice that supports efficient energy management and data access. To this end, the Institute for Market Transformation (IMT)  and RAP developed a model law—with input from more than 30 stakeholders—to facilitate more cooperative relationships among utilities, building owners, and customers. There are three versions available:

This model legislative framework and guidance has been designed with a dual focus: promoting utility savings while concurrently safeguarding the privacy and security of ratepayers’ information. 

For technical assistance, contact Cliff Majersik or Julia Eagles at IMT or Camille Kadoch or David Farnsworth at RAP.