Utility regulators in some states, recognizing the quickening pace of change in the energy sector, are looking ahead at how industry trends and policy drivers will affect the electricity system in their jurisdictions. Decision-makers in many other states are just beginning to consider whether power sector transformation could better accommodate trends such as beneficial electrification and support new objectives.

To help regulators frame the challenges they face and steps they could take in response, RAP developed brief analyses of several topic areas. We focus here on elements that offer significant potential to benefit the public and the environment while enabling efficient energy delivery:

  • Utility incentives;
  • Industry structure;
  • Distributed energy resources;
  • Retail choice;
  • Equity; and
  • Carbon reduction.

This policy brief emerged from RAP’s work—led by Associate Jessica Shipley—to help stakeholders in Oregon articulate issues facing that state’s energy sector, recognize potential problems, and prioritize options to consider. Yet these areas of inquiry are relevant anywhere that leaders are seeking to meet the energy challenges of the future.