In a joint meeting of the State-Provincial Steering Committee (SPSC) and the Committee on Regional Electric Power Cooperation (CREPC) for Western U.S. states and Canadian provinces on October 5, 2012, Lisa Schwartz introduced RAP’s forthcoming paper detailing California’s complex planning processes to meet its renewable energy requirements and deliver renewable energy to loads. The paper focuses on key proceedings at three state agencies: the California Public Utilities Commission, California Energy Commission, and California Independent System Operator. In particular, the paper highlights opportunities for out-of-state stakeholders to contribute to improved consideration of regional solutions for developing renewable resources and transmission. Kris Mayes Law Firm drafted the report for RAP under the Western Renewable Energy Zones (WREZ) initiative of the Western Governors’ Association. California agencies are conducting an initial review of the report, and a public review period will follow. The final report is expected by the end of the year.