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By 2030, approximately 10 million battery electric vehicles and 18 million plug-in hybrids are expected to be on European roads. As the number of electric vehicles grows, policymakers can unlock extensive value for all consumers, the grid and the environment — provided we integrate EVs strategically into the power system. The time is right for new cross-sectoral policies for e-mobility to accelerate the transition to cleaner transport and energy at least cost.

In a webinar held on 3 July 2019, RAP presented the findings of our report Start with Smart: Promising practices for integrating electric vehicles into the grid. Dr. Julia Hildermeier and Christos Kolokathis shared

  • The substantial benefits that can be derived from integrating EVs into the grid.
  • Three key strategies for harnessing opportunities from EV integration.
  • Policy recommendations for implementing the key strategies.