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To achieve climate and energy goals, decarbonising Europe’s building stock is critical. As part of the ‘renovation wave,’ solar photovoltaic power systems, heat pumps, electricity storage and electric vehicles chargers will become prevalent in our homes. This raises the question whether the EU dwelling stock is ready for this transition. Around 50% of domestic buildings were built before 1990 without anticipating the needs of today and tomorrow.

The deployment of safe, efficient and smart electrical installations on a large scale requires a long-term vision grounded in a strong foundation of policy, tools and standards.

The Electrification Academy welcomed Prof. Angelo Baggini from the University of Bergamo to share his analysis of electrical installations in Europe and proposes solutions on the path towards zero-emissions buildings by:

  • Showing the difference between an electrical installation from 1990 and the needs of today and tomorrow
  • Analysing the implications of far-reaching electrification from a technical, policy and consumer point of view.
  • Presenting two case studies of home renovations in typical EU dwellings: an apartment and a single-family house.
  • Recommending improvements to legislation and standards.