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Few aspects of the European Commission’s proposed Fit for 55 legislative package prompted as much debate as creating a separate emissions trading system for the buildings and transport sectors, the new ‘ETS2.’ Given that the Effort Sharing Regulation has thus far failed to deliver emissions reductions at the pace needed to meet climate goals, the Commission proposed this carbon pricing measure in an attempt to accelerate reductions in these laggard sectors.

In the eighth instalment of the Electrification Academy webinar series, Leonardo Energy and RAP invited Sofie Defour from Transport & Environment and Samuel Thomas from RAP to break down the details of the ETS2. They explored:

  • The likely impacts of the proposal for both sectors;
  • The role of carbon pricing in the electrification of buildings and transport; and
  • Equity considerations associated with the proposal, and ways in which these concerns could be addressed.

The presentation for the webinar is available at the bottom of this page.