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Suppose you are a fleet manager, in charge of your organization’s efficient transportation of people and goods. By necessity, you must be an expert at planning, budgeting, financing, purchasing, operations, scheduling, and the maintenance of vehicles that use fossil fuels. Now, suppose you have an opportunity to electrify your fleet. How can you effectively assess the economics and the complex logistical challenges of such a transition?

The answer is advisory services, assistance offered by utilities or other companies to educate and enable consumers — whether fleet managers or individuals — to make informed decisions. This webinar explores the various needs that advisory services meet and elevates considerations for states as they further electrify their transportation sectors.

We heard the story of fleet electrification from the varying perspectives of a school district, a transportation services provider, a technology company, and a utility:

  • Timothy Shannon, transportation director, Twin Rivers (Calif.) Unified School District
  • Matt Stanberry, managing director, Highland Electric Fleets
  • Yanzhi (Ann) Xu, co-founder and CEO, ElectroTempo
  • Jason Peuquet, strategy and policy manager, clean transportation, Xcel Energy

Regulators, meanwhile, will increasingly encounter advisory service program requests from utilities and a greater presence of third-party providers offering these services. How can they approach these requests and make sure that they are consistent with state policies? RAP’s Jeff Ackermann, a former utility commissioner, acted as respondent to address some of these questions. David Farnsworth and Camille Kadoch moderated the session.