Electrification of the transportation sector (cars, trucks, buses, taxis, ports, etc.) provides an opportunity for states to save citizens money, increase local jobs and business, address national security concerns, improve public health and combat climate change. Real-world experience and studies show that these benefits are achievable, but proactive legislative action and state planning are needed to realize their full magnitude. Without an early and comprehensive approach, potential benefits will be lost.

Comprehensive legislation helps states plan, fund and integrate electrified transportation. Many states have addressed some of these areas but not all, or could use the opportunity to update existing legislation. Staff at the Regulatory Assistance Project have scoured state legislative and regulatory experience to assemble a complete and useful resource for legislators interested in accelerating electric vehicle deployment. This legislative kit includes the following:

The Roadmap for Electric Transportation legislative kit was written by Camille Kadoch. Contributors include Frederick Weston, David Moskovitz and Mark LeBel.

If you have suggestions for future legislative kit topics or specific materials, please contact [email protected].