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Discussion Draft May 26, 2017

Poverty Amidst Plenty: Limits of Generation Bias and State Allocation in Madhya Pradesh’s Power Sector

By Ashwini K. Swain

Despite phenomenal growth in power availability, Madhya Pradesh continues to struggle with high-level energy poverty. Two decades after the state-initiated distribution reforms, the power utilities are still grappling with past problems. Institutional restructuring, which unfolded over 11 years, resulted in a complex institutional architecture that provides the s...

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Discussion Draft May 10, 2017

Protecting Power: The Politics of Partial Reforms in Punjab’s Electricity Sector

By Ashwini K. Swain

By achieving the longstanding national aspiration of universal access and recording a per capita consumption of nearly double the national average, Punjab’s power sector appears to be a successful case of electrical development. Despite good performance in loss reduction and collection efficiency, both factors that ail many electricity utilities in India, Punja...

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