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Policy Brief November 14, 2016

Efficiency First: From Principle to Practice with Real World Examples from Across Europe

By Jan Rosenow, Edith Bayer, Barbara Rososińska, Quentin Genard, Marta Toporek

The EU’s energy infrastructure faces numerous challenges over the next decades. It needs to be decarbonized whilst ensuring the competitiveness of EU industry, providing energy security, addressing energy poverty, reducing energy bills, and empowering consumers, who play a crucial part in the energy system of the future. Getting those choices right is key for e...

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Policy Brief October 28, 2016

Zapewnienie niezawodności systemu energetycznego a mechanizm mocy

By Michael Hogan, Edith Bayer, Joanna Maćkowiak-Pandera

Jeżeli decyzja o mechanizmie mocy zostanie podjęta - istotne, aby rozwiązanie to nie zablokowało transformacji sektora energetycznego i umożliwiło dywersyfikację źródeł wytwarzania po 2020 r. oraz wspierało poprawę innowacyjności. Mechanizm ten powinien wynagradzać nie tylko moc, ale również zdolności do produkowania energii w różnych przedziałach czasowych.

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Presentation September 21, 2016

Energy Efficiency Obligations: a Toolkit for Success

By Edith Bayer, Eoin Lees

In this webinar presentation, Edith Bayer and Eoin Lees discuss key elements of energy efficiency obligation (EEO) schemes. These include, considerations for designing, implementing, and (over time) improving EEOs; best practices in successful EEO schemes; and strategies for overcoming common barriers to effective EEO implementation....

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Webinar (video)

Energy Efficiency Obligations – A Toolkit for Success (Webinar)

If the video is not visible, please accept all cookies to enable the player. Energy Efficiency Obligations (EEOs) are a strong driver of energy savings in Europe and around the world. Many EU Member States have chosen EEOs as an important policy to support compliance with Article 7 of the Energy Efficiency Directive. In this...

Report April 29, 2016

Costs and Benefits of Energy Efficiency Obligation Schemes

By Jan Rosenow, Edith Bayer

In 2009, the European Union adopted high-level goals for renewable energy, energy efficiency, and greenhouse gas reductions with targets set for the year 2020. This was followed in 2012 by adoption of the Energy Efficiency Directive (EED) (2012/27/EU), a major component of which required Member States to create energy efficiency obligations schemes (EEOs) for ene...

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Report December 18, 2015

Elementy nowej oragnizacji rynku energii w Polsce

By Edith Bayer, Philip Baker, Jan Rączka

Nowa organizacja rynku energii w Polsce musi dać mocny sygnał cenowy do uruchomienia inwestycji w sektorze energetycznym. Istotne są nie tylko nowe moce wytwórcze, ale także zarządzanie popytem, wsparcie integracji taniejących źródeł OZE, wykorzystanie rozproszonych magazynów energii oraz inteligentnych sieci energetycznych. Dyskusja, którą w tym roku zapoczątkowała Komisja Europejska, będzie fundamentem dla funkcjonowania rynku energii w przyszłości. Daje szansę na poprawę efektywności kosztowej polskiego sektora energetycznego, wspiera wypracowanie jego długofalowej wizji rozwoju, nie tylko wobec uwarunkowań europejskich, ale również globalnych megatrendów energetycznych – wskazują eksperci Forum Analiz Energetycznych w opracowaniu.

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Report December 14, 2015

Elements of Market Design for Poland

By Edith Bayer, Jan Rączka, Philip Baker

Both the European power sector at large and the Polish power sector in particular are at a pivotal moment. Power systems are in transition, driven by commitments to continuing emissions reductions, growing penetration of renewables, and the need to provide affordable and reliable power. The Polish power system faces a number of challenges stemming from the profil...

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Report June 30, 2015

Realising Europe’s Efficiency Pipeline

By Edith Bayer

Energy efficiency, particularly in buildings, should be a front-running strategy to address European energy security. Buildings account for about 40 percent of energy use and more than a third of natural gas use in Europe. Energy efficiency can be viewed as a “pipeline” that delivers reliable, cost-effective services, just like a natural gas pipeline delivers...

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Report June 4, 2015

Capacity Market Arrangements in Great Britain: Lessons Learnt for Poland

By Philip Baker, Edith Bayer, Jan Rączka

Capacity mechanisms have recently gained the attention of policymakers in Europe. The discussion in Member States is driven by various concerns, including resource adequacy constraints, the often-misunderstood “missing money” issues raised by utilities, and attempts to limit peak demand. In 2014, the U.K. government introduced legal provisions for a capacity ...

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Report February 12, 2015

Efficiency First: Key Points for the Energy Union Communication

By Edith Bayer

The Energy Union Communication expected in February 2015 provides the opportunity to bring together the leading dimensions of European energy policy to drive the transition to an integrated, secure, competitive, and sustainable energy sector. To meet these goals, it is essential to reframe the role that efficiency — including energy efficiency and demand respon...

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