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Report July 3, 2012

New Natural Gas Resources and the Environmental Implications in the U.S., Europe, India, and China

By Joel Bluestein

Recent advances in drilling and extraction technologies have fundamentally changed the economics of natural gas in the United States and have the potential to do so around the world. The implications that this has for energy policy generally—and climate change policy specifically—are profound. To help decision-makers understand the forces at work and to consi...

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Report December 18, 2000

Environmental Benefits of Distributed Generation

By Joel Bluestein

Distributed generation (DG) has been identified by some as a new paradigm in power generation, providing new solutions to changing customer needs for electricity. A huge potential market is forecast for a variety of DG technologies in different end use markets. One of the claimed advantages of DG is superior environmental performance. This version of the document...

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