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Practicing Risk-Aware Electricity Regulation: 2014 Update

By Ron Binz, Dan Mullen, Richard Sedano, Denise Furey

This 2014 update to Ceres' 2012 report, Practicing Risk-Aware Electricity Regulation: What Every State Regulator Needs to Know, looks at key trends that continue to reshape the U.S. electricity industry, analyzes changing costs and risk profiles of energy resources (especially renewable energy), and offers further insights and recommendations for smart, “risk-a...

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Presentation January 22, 2013

Strategies for Effective Regulatory Advocacy

By Ron Binz

With the prospect of national climate action unclear, maintaining progress on clean energy at the state level is essential. State utility regulators are now considering large utility investments in conventional and alternative technologies. The economic and environmental impact of these decisions will be felt for decades. Consequently, state regulators are among ...

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Report April 19, 2012

Practicing Risk-Aware Electricity Regulation: What Every State Regulator Needs to Know

By Ron Binz, Richard Sedano, Denise Furey, Dan Mullen

Over the next decade or two, state regulatory utility commissions will preside over some of the most important investments in the history of the U.S. electric power sector during perhaps its most challenging and tumultuous period. This report seeks to provide regulators with a thorough discussion of risk, and to suggest an approach—“risk-aware regulation”...

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