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Journal Article March 30, 2018

Solar ‘power’: Socio-political dynamics of infrastructural development in two Western Indian states

By Siddharth Sareen, Sunila Kale

The growth and development of solar energy, which is so important in the current global context, is determined by political economic factors, and in turn, has varied implications for energy justice. India’s western region presents a complex context within which to examine why these trajectories unfold in particular ways and to what end. This article first situa...

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Journal Article January 31, 2018

Energy distribution trajectories in two Western Indian states: Comparative politics and sectoral dynamics

By Siddharth Sareen

This article, published by Energy Research & Social Science, unpacks the institutional bottlenecks and path dependency holding back the energy transition in Gujarat and Rajasthan. As heavily-indebted electricity distribution companies in Rajasthan seek to emulate thriving counterparts in Gujarat and turn to technology adoption, efficiency enhancement, and l...

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Discussion Draft April 30, 2017

Politics, Procurement, Bail-Out and Buy-In: Woes and Ways of Rajasthan’s Distribution Sector

By Siddharth Sareen

What are the recent consequential developments and current issues in Rajasthan’s electricity distribution sector, bailed out of more than $10 billion debt by the state government in 2015? If political interference got it there despite sectoral reforms and unbundling in 2001, what measures have been instituted to safeguard against a repeat? As Rajasthan’s dist...

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Discussion Draft April 29, 2017

What Powers Success on the Ground? The Gradual Reform of Electricity Distribution in Gujarat

By Siddharth Sareen

Among Indian states, Gujarat’s electricity distribution sector has come to be regarded as exemplary. Its distribution companies have A+ credit ratings and acceptably low loss levels, and provide 24/7 power throughout the energy surplus state, with separate feeders for up to eight hours a day of agricultural supply. Reforms enacted in Gujarat subsequent to the n...

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