The result of a comprehensive stakeholder-driven “roadmap” exercise, this report seeks to answer the question: “How must the Indian power system evolve if India chooses to put renewable electricity at the core of the future system, rather than at the periphery?” Drawing on interviews with more than 250 diverse power sector stakeholders in over a dozen states, the central government, and pan-India organizations, the report presents the opportunities and barriers to renewable electricity. It also summarizes the rationale, as well as benefits and costs of renewable electricity within the context of the Indian power system. The report suggests a framework for an integrated policy strategy for rapid renewables implementation that complements both the existing and planned conventional power projects. The framework includes, a) A new comprehensive national renewable electricity law and/or policy and its components, b) Support mechanisms to ensure timely implementation, and c) Grid reforms to ensure smooth integration of renewable electricity. This Executive Summary provides a high-level summary of the key findings and recommendations included in the full report.