Our Impact

India’s policymakers aim to dramatically increase renewable energy generation—175 GW by 2022—and address fundamental structural issues within the power sector, while serving a growing customer base. The opportunity for transformation is unprecedented.

Our global team of former utility regulators and officials works directly with policymakers and stakeholders to adapt policy frameworks and research tools from other parts of the world to the Indian context. RAP fosters innovative research and provides training and technical assistance to decision-makers. We stimulate robust public discourse on the policies needed to dramatically increase operational and end-use efficiency, ramp up development of clean energy resources, expand service to underserved customers, and reduce overall costs.

Key Facts

Policymakers aim to install 175 GW of renewable energy by 2022.
India will need 4 times more generating capacity to meet demand in 2030.

Our Focus

Our team provides curated lessons drawn from our international experience. We help policymakers and stakeholders understand the value proposition of renewable resources, identify reform opportunities within the power sector to accommodate increased growth of renewable energy, and develop wholesale market design policies to enable greater renewables integration.

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Regulatory Dimensions to Renewable Energy Forecasting, Scheduling, and Balancing in India

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Report on India’s Renewable Electricity Roadmap 2030: Toward Accelerated Renewable Electricity Deployment

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