Where We Work

The clean energy transition faces challenges. RAP helps you see what’s possible.

For many nations, with carbon targets nearing, time to minimize carbon emissions is short. Barriers such as energy price volatility, entrenched interests, policy implementation and changing political administrations make achieving these goals difficult. RAP helps decision-makers navigate these obstacles and see the possibilities that lie beyond.

All countries are at different points in the clean energy transition. RAP teams collaborate on cutting-edge solutions to some of the world’s largest, most complicated energy challenges.

Over the last three decades, we have done extensive work within China, India, Europe and the United States – which together are responsible for half of the world’s power generation. RAP’s work in these regions has energized change,  guiding effective policy reforms in countries across the world.

We Work Within the Largest Power Markets:

  • China

    As China seeks to transform its power sector and meet aggressive environmental goals, RAP offers proven solutions, tailoring our global expertise to China’s unique context.View

  • Europe

    RAP works with European Union institutions, EU Member States, and other European nations to develop sustainable, effective tools to meet their clean energy challenges. View

  • India

    RAP provides Indian decision-makers, at their request, with relevant, actionable information and effective tools, drawing from our international experience to inform India’s decarbonization efforts.View

  • United States

    RAP provides cutting-edge research and innovative ideas to guide the United States through the transition to clean, efficient, reliable and affordable energy. View

  • Global Opportunities

    Across the globe, RAP provides context-specific solutions to local challenges.View