Across the Pond, but in the Same Boat: The 2017 California–Germany Bilateral Energy Conference

Germany and California hold the distinctions on their respective continents of being first movers in decarbonization policy. Both have aggressively pursued power sector decarbonization with ambitious renewable energy policies, and both have now set their sights on decarbonizing the building and transport sectors. While they have differences, their implementation aspirations are strikingly similar. In recognition…


Finding the Sweet Spot for Natural Gas Investment

Natural gas is an important part of our low-carbon future, but finding the “sweet spot” for gas investment is not easy. Too much investment in gas pipeline infrastructure and gas generation is risky. Gas pipeline and generation investments are long lived—30 to 50 years, or even more—so when we invest in gas, we are making…


Power Sector Leaders Act to Save Western Electricity Consumers Money

Saving money for electricity consumers in the Western states seems like it should be easy. Department of Energy researchers like Brendan Kirby, Michael Milligan, Kevin Porter, Debra Lew, Brian Parsons, and Lori Bird have been showing us for more than ten years how Western electricity consumers could save money by working together. The measures they…