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Wholesale Electricity Markets and Pricing in China: How is Reform Going?

By Max Dupuy, Wang Xuan
Implementation of wholesale electricity markets is a major theme of China’s power sector reform effort, launched in early 2015. The central government has issued guidance documents on market design, and various Chinese provinces and regions have announced pilots for wholesale electricity markets. However, policymakers are still working to specify and build cons... Read More


By Max Dupuy
设计和实施竞争性的电力批发市场并不容易。即使是对电力市场拥有长期经验的欧洲,仍然需要解决很多问题。大规模发展可再生能源的目标,在欧洲政策者起初转向自由电力市场的时候几乎还不存在,而现在已成为新的挑战。 欧盟对能源未来的愿景中,包括了建立对新的... Read More

Energy Prices, Not Capacity Mechanisms, are Key to Ensuring Reliability at the Lowest Cost

By Michael Hogan
Electricity generators often claim that prices cannot fully reflect the value of the reliability they offer the market. Hence they insist they need separate capacity payments to justify investments. But according to Mike Hogan, the current energy market design is fully able to reflect the value of reliability, even if it doesn’t always do so in practice. In a n... Read More

Is It Time to Retool Regulation for Clean Air, Clean Energy?

By Ken Colburn, Christopher James
Looking at the electric power industry today brings to mind the well-known April 1970 dispatch from Apollo 13: “Houston, we have a problem.” Actually, we have several. Prominent among them is the growing permeation of environmental issues into energy policy and energy issues into environmental policy. On the one hand, for example, the U.S. Environmenta... Read More


By Max Dupuy, Wang Xuan
最近几个月,中国政府为解决可再生能源弃电和煤电机组投资过度双重挑战颁布了一系列政策。特别是国家发改委,国家能源局《关于做好风电、光伏发电全额保障性收购管理工作的通知》(发改能源【2016】1150号)和《关于促进我国煤电有序发展的通知》(发改能源【2016】56... Read More

Excess Coal Generation Capacity and Renewables Curtailment in China: Getting With the Plan

By Max Dupuy, Wang Xuan
In recent months, the Chinese government has issued several high-profile policy statements directed toward the twin challenges of renewable energy curtailment and runaway investment in coal-fired capacity. These new policies appear to signal policymaker interest in dealing with these problems and might have some success in the near term. However, they rely on blu... Read More

The Duck is Learning to Fly in California and Hawaii

By Jim Lazar
I took a look at electricity data recently from California and Hawaii and I saw a duck that was learning to fly. Well, what I saw was that the so-called Duck Curve–the load shape some grid operators expect to contend with as increasing levels of wind and solar resources create ramping challenges for conventional generation–is evolving slower over time in t... Read More

Gdzie się zmieści Polska w nowym modelu rynku energii w UE?

By Edith Bayer, Joanna Maćkowiak-Pandera
Zamiast kosztownych mechanizmów pomostowych w rodzaju operacyjnej rezerwy, należy poprawić efektywność sektora i określić długofalową wizję rozwoju energetyki. Europejski system energetyczny znajduje się fazie transformacji, która jest wywoływana potrzebą modernizacji, postępem technologicznym oraz koniecznością redukowania emisji: Wedłu... Read More

The Case for Market Monitoring—A Key to Successful Electricity Markets

By Sarah Keay-Bright
The European Commission wants households and business consumers “to be at the heart of” the EU’s upcoming European energy market reforms. This priority, which the European Council and European Parliament seem to support, makes sense as the potential gains for electricity consumers are enormous. Consumers have already reaped at least half of the total ben... Read More

EU Vehicle CO2 Standards: Redesign for Power System and EV Synergies

By Sarah Keay-Bright
The EU’s upcoming CO2 standards for light-duty vehicles (LDVs) provide an opportunity to accelerate modernisation and decarbonisation of both the transport and power sectors. This presents a one-time opportunity to boost EU global competitiveness. Adapting these standards to take into account the transformation underway in the power sector could yield huge ... Read More