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Leveling the Playing Field for Storage Resources in China’s Electricity Markets: A View from the U.S.

By Max Dupuy, Kevin Porter
In February, the U.S. Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) finalized a historic rule on participation of storage resources in the “ISO/RTO” wholesale electricity markets. ISO/RTO markets cover about two-thirds of the United States and are roughly analogous to the spot markets under development in several Chinese provinces. The ISOs/RTOs are independent... Read More


By Max Dupuy, Kevin Porter
今年2月,美国联邦能源监管委员会(FERC)为确保储能资源能够参与到“ISO/RTO”的批发电力市场竞争中,颁布了具有历史性意义的一部法规。ISO/RTO市场与中国几个省内正在进行试点工作的现货市场具有很大相似性。ISO/RTO是负责监管市场的独立机构,起到了系统运营商(在中国,... Read More

Energy Efficiency 2.0: New Questions, Same Answer

By Ken Colburn
One of RAP’s longtime mantras is: “Efficiency is the answer. What’s the question?” We’ve demonstrated that energy efficiency provides a “layer cake” of multiple benefits, that it could help us meet almost a third of power system demand over the next decade, and that “Efficiency First” should be the primary guidepost for prioritizing energy syste... Read More

Deutschland muss endlich den europäischen Strommarkt unterstützen

By Philip Baker, Andreas Jahn
Der EU-Energiebinnenmarkt würde enorme Werte schaffen. Verbraucher könnten von Milliardeneinsparungen profitieren, Jahr für Jahr. Doch die Nationalstaaten blockieren. Insbesondere Deutschland muss endlich seiner Verantwortung als zentrales Bindeglied im europäischen Stromnetz nachkommen, fordern Philip Baker und Andreas Jahn vom Regulatory Assistance Project ... Read More

Don’t be fooled: ‘Efficiency First’ is a necessary discipline

By Jan Rosenow, Richard Cowart, Edith Bayer
The idea of “Efficiency First” is on the line in ongoing EU talks. Member States must realise that this is no mere slogan but a real necessity, write Dr. Jan Rosenow, Richard Cowart, and Edith Bayer. According to a leaked document from the Council of the European Union, some members of the Council are resisting the decisions of the Commission and Parliamen... Read More

Regional cooperation and integrated energy markets at risk

By Christos Kolokathis, Philip Baker
A much more interconnected European energy market, ensuring regional cooperation and cutting out waste, makes so much sense for consumers, for security of supply, and for decarbonisation.  When the European Commission first outlined its vision for a genuine Energy Union nearly three years ago, vice president for the Energy Union Maroš Šefčovič, painted in... Read More

A step backward – European Member States threaten to reverse progress on Single Electricity Market

By Philip Baker, Christos Kolokathis
The European Council’s proposals on the internal energy market fundamentally weaken the framework that is needed to deliver an integrated market that will benefit European energy consumers, write Philip Baker and Christos Kolokathis from the global energy policy advisors Regulatory Assistance Project (RAP). The proposals may even legalise practices that are cur... Read More

As Reliable as Your Morning Coffee: Why Do We Go Overboard on Generation Resource Adequacy?

By Michael Hogan
On a recent Tuesday morning, we had a blackout here in Key West. Five Brothers Grocery, the best Cuban coffee shop in town, is just around the corner, and owner Heriberto “Pepe” Paez was out of the café con leche business for nearly an hour in the middle of the morning rush. Always imperturbable as he does his magic behind the counter, Pepe was philosophical... Read More

Calming Chicken Little: An EV Grid Tale Without the Scary Ending

By Jim Lazar
When kids hear the fairy tale Chicken Little, they learn that a confused little bird is hit on the head with an acorn and concludes the sky is falling. It then manages to convince a handful of other animals of this, and they do a whole lot of running around for absolutely no good reason before a wily fox takes advantage of their confusion and eats them. It is a g... Read More


By Wang Xuan
2017年底国家发改委、国家能源局联合发布了《关于开展分布式发电市场化交易试点的通知》  (发改能源[2017]1901号),为就近利用分布式能源资源迈出了新的一步。这一通知规定了分布式发电交易模式和组织形式,并对其中关键问题,如“过网费”、相关补贴和可再生能源配额... Read More