Bram Claeys

Senior Advisor, Consultant

As a member of RAP’s team in Europe, Bram Claeys focuses on the future of distribution system operators, market reform and maximising the potential of the Clean Energy for All Europeans package.

Before joining RAP in 2020, Claeys was the director general of the Organisation for Sustainable Energy (ODE) in Belgium. Besides managerial and public engagement tasks, his personal focus was on system adequacy and sector coupling. He was a member of the Advisory Council of the Belgian federal Commission for Electricity and Gas Regulation and the User’s Group with the transmission system operator Elia. He served as an expert in tariff design working groups with the Flemish energy regulator.

In the U.S., Bram Claeys served as the renewable energy policy director for the Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources. His role was to help maintain the state’s clean energy leadership through analysis and development of cutting-edge renewable energy policies, with a focus on renewable energy procurement and renewable heating and cooling.

Prior roles included acting as the renewable energy policy advisor to the Flemish energy minister, climate and energy policy advisor for environmental nongovernmental organisations, and consultancy on environmental impacts of energy projects.

Claeys is a chemist by training (University of Ghent, Belgium) with additional degrees in environmental management from the University of Brussels and international cooperation from the University of Ghent.

In addition to his native Dutch, Bram speaks fluent English and French and basic German.