Marion Santini

Senior Associate

Marion Santini joined RAP’s Europe team in early 2020 to support its work on energy efficiency and electrification. In her first years with RAP, she provided insights into the development of EU energy policies, and conducted research on new instruments for heat decarbonization.

She has a deep knowledge of the European Union’s energy efficiency legislation, which she acquired during her work for the Secretariat of The Coalition for Energy Savings, a Brussels-based advocacy group. As senior consultant for Stefan Scheuer SPRL, she led the coalition's advocacy efforts during the Clean Energy for All Europeans legislative process, coordinating with industry and civil society organisations. During those years she also conducted several projects on EU climate and energy legislation for other clients.

Earlier, Santini supported World Wide Fund for Nature in coordinating and developing its climate-related business partnerships across the world. She also worked in Cambodia, where she led the communication team of Nexus, a nonprofit providing access to finance for clean energy and water solutions in Asia.

Marion Santini holds a master’s degree in European policies from the Institut d'Etudes Politiques of Strasbourg (France), where she completed her undergraduate degree in political science. She also holds an undergraduate degree in economics and management from Université Pierre Mendes France — Grenoble 2.

In addition to her native tongue, French, Marion speaks English fluently and has a basic understanding of German and Italian.