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Policy Brief May 21, 2020

Cooperative Governance: Opportunities to Enhance Rural Livelihoods in India

By Mahesh Patankar, Frederick Weston, Joni Sliger, Robert Lieberman, Priyanka Shendage

Rural populations in India continually face great challenges when it comes to earning and maintaining a sustainable living. With up to 70% of rural Indians working in the agricultural sector, those challenges will only become more substantial as climate change creates greater impacts and economic uncertainty causes further distress. Solving these problems will re...

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Improving Livelihoods through Alternative Governance Structure

By Mahesh Patankar

During a workshop at the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay, Mahesh Patankar shared early analysis of emerging models of cooperatives such as water users associations (WUAs) to manage water budgeting and farmer producer organisations (FPOs) to link farmers directly to markets. Drawing on successful cooperative models in the United States, Dr. Patankar present...

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Presentation November 1, 2019

Energy Policies in India

By Mahesh Patankar

​Mahesh Patankar gave a presentation about energy policies in India at a New Dehli PRS Legislative Branch workshop for Legislative Assistants to Members of Parliament (LAMP) fellows....

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