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Report September 12, 2017

Next-Generation Performance-Based Regulation: Emphasizing Utility Performance to Unleash Power Sector Innovation

By David Littell, Camille Kadoch, Philip Baker, Ranjit Bharvirkar, Max Dupuy, Brenda Hausauer, Carl Linvill, Janine Migden-Ostrander, Jan Rosenow, Wang Xuan, Owen Zinaman, Jeffrey Logan

Performance-based regulation (PBR) enables regulators to reform 100-year-old regulatory structures to unleash innovations within 21st century power systems. Our current electric system is built upon an old regulatory paradigm that ensured safe and reliable electricity at reasonable prices from capital-intensive electricity monopolies. Today, disruptive technologi...

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Report January 28, 2013

Widening Energy Regulators’ Circles of Interest: State Examples of Energy Regulations and Processes That Consider Environmental Impacts

By Brenda Hausauer, John Shenot

When energy regulators plan, approve utility investments, and make other regulatory decisions without incorporating environmental considerations, ultimately more costly supply options or solutions can be chosen, opportunities for less costly options can be passed by, and money, time, and resources lost. Once made, many such decisions are hard to redirect later an...

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Report May 20, 2011

US States with Defined Electric Energy Efficiency Delivery Structure

By Brenda Hausauer

This analysis presents a map of the type of administrative delivery structure each U.S. state has established to provide electric energy efficiency: utility, third-party, or government administration. In addition, it contains a short description about the details around each state’s delivery structure....

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