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Report December 8, 2017

Smart Non-Residential Rate Design

By Carl Linvill, Jim Lazar, Max Dupuy, Jessica Shipley, Donna Brutkoski

Electricity use by non-residential customers accounts for nearly two-thirds of California’s total consumption. Many of these customers are interested in adopting distributed energy resources, and many have access to sophisticated energy management and load control technologies. These customers could therefore be an important source of support for power grid man...

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Presentation October 18, 2017

Rate Design for DERs and Beneficial Electrification

By Ken Colburn, Jessica Shipley

At an Energy Foundation Renewable Energy Advocates conference in Salt Lake City, Utah, Ken Colburn and Jessica Shipley explored rate design approaches that support increased integration of distributed energy resources and beneficial electrification....

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Report August 2, 2017

Performance-Based Regulation Options: White Paper for the Michigan Public Service Commission

By David Littell, Jessica Shipley

Innovation in the electric energy system and the empowerment of customers means that there is a need to reform traditional cost-of-service regulation of utilities. Performance-based regulation (PBR), which recompenses utilities based upon their performance outputs, enables regulators to reform hundred-year-old regulatory structures to meet these challenges. This ...

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