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Presentation December 1, 2016

Moving Load Around: Time-Varying Rates and Demand Response

By Jim Lazar

Jim Lazar spoke at the Hawaii Power Summit in Honolulu about time-of-use rates, and in particular, moving the current Hawaii commercial rate design from one that rewards a high load factor to one that rewards customers who adjust their loads to better fit a solar-heavy power system. He recommends confining the demand charge to the 5 - 9 PM hours (the "neck" of t...

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Presentation December 1, 2016

Hitting the Mark on Missing Money: How to Ensure Reliability at Least Cost to Consumers

By Michael Hogan

In a presentation at the Florence School of Regulation's Climate Annual Conference, Michael Hogan addressed the often-misunderstood "missing money" problem. He explores how energy pricing drives investment in the design of wholesale electricity markets, the importance of investing in flexibility and spurring innovation, as well as the value of policy support f...

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Presentation November 28, 2016

Electricity Market Design: Learning from Experience

By Michael Hogan

In this presentation at the Polish Power Market Forum 2016 in Warsaw, Michael Hogan highlights options for achieving reliability at lowest reasonable cost and suggests that resource capabilities--not just capacity--are key. He recommends well-administered, regionally integrated energy and balancing services markets as irreplaceable drivers of investment in t...

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Policy Brief November 22, 2016

Entwicklung der Strom-Netzentgelte 2017: Die regionalen Unterschiede nehmen zu

By Andreas Jahn, Patrick Graichen

Die Entgelte für die Stromnetze steigen 2017 durchschnittlich deutlich an, entwickeln sich aber sehr unterschiedlich—zum einen im regionalen Vergleich, zum anderen mit Blick auf ihre strukturelle Aufteilung in Arbeits- und Grundpreis. Das zeigt eine aktuelle Kurzstudie im Auftrag von Agora Energiewende, Entwicklung der Strom-Netzentgelte 2017: Die regionalen U...

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Presentation November 16, 2016

Future Energy Mix in Poland: PV More Likely Than New Coal by 2030

By Jan Rączka

Speaking at a Montel Market Insights Seminar in Warsaw, Jan Rączka outlined the benefits of introducing more solar photovoltaics (PV)—rather than new coal generation—to address the current energy sector challenges in Poland caused by the lack of flexible resources, homogenous energy mix, capacity deficit, high emissions, and low competitiveness in the region...

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Policy Brief November 14, 2016

Efficiency First: From Principle to Practice with Real World Examples from Across Europe

By Jan Rosenow, Edith Bayer, Barbara Rososińska, Quentin Genard, Marta Toporek

The EU’s energy infrastructure faces numerous challenges over the next decades. It needs to be decarbonized whilst ensuring the competitiveness of EU industry, providing energy security, addressing energy poverty, reducing energy bills, and empowering consumers, who play a crucial part in the energy system of the future. Getting those choices right is key for e...

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Presentation November 10, 2016

Nächster Versuch: Grunderwerbsteuer

By Andreas Jahn

Bei einem Dialogforum der Deutschen Unternehmensinitiative Energieeffizienz (DENEFF) und der Deutschen Umweltshilfe e.V. erklärte Andreas Jahn, wie die Grunderwerbsteuer als Anreiz für energetische Sanierungen wirkungsvoll eingesetzt werden kann....

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Report November 8, 2016

Revenue Regulation and Decoupling: A Guide to Theory and Application (incl. Case Studies)

By Jim Lazar, Frederick Weston, Wayne Shirley, Janine Migden-Ostrander, Dave Lamont, Elizabeth Watson

Under traditional regulation, utilities make more money when they sell more energy. Yet this reality is at odds with explicit public policy objectives that utility and environmental regulators are charged with achieving, including economic efficiency and environmental protection. Many utility-sector stakeholders have recognized the conflicts implicit in tradition...

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