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Retooling Regulation: Is Integrating Energy and Environmental Regulation Legal?

By Christopher James, Ken Colburn
Broad state authority under the Clean Air Act means regulatory reforms would likely be permitted This is the third of RAP’s four-part series on the merits of greater integration of energy and environmental planning and regulation. The first piece set out the general concept, a process we’ve dubbed “E-Merge.” The second laid out a sample step-by-step proc... Read More

Efficiency First: a New Paradigm for a Sustainable Energy System in the UK

By Jan Rosenow
The UK’s energy policy is at crossroads. Ambitious carbon targets, an aging energy infrastructure, rising fuel poverty, and a legacy of fossil fuel investment warrant bold political decisions to ensure the UK transitions to a sustainable low-carbon energy system. Because of the long-term nature of investment in energy infrastructure, decisions made over the nex... Read More

Energy Efficiency: The Sweet Spot for Economic Stimulus After Brexit

By Jan Rosenow
Brexit has opened a new era in British politics. Economic uncertainties and a potential slowdown in investment are likely to stay with us in the short to medium term. The Chancellor has made clear that he is prepared to "reset" fiscal policy after Brexit, and the Prime Minister announced the launch of a "proper industrial strategy." Energy efficiency is a perfect... Read More

Efficiency First: From Principle to Practice

By Jan Rosenow
New study presents real world examples of Efficiency First from across Europe The EU’s energy infrastructure faces numerous challenges over the next decades. It needs to be decarbonised whilst ensuring the competitiveness of EU industry, providing energy security, addressing energy poverty, and empowering consumers, who play a crucial part in the energy system... Read More

Retooling Regulation: a Closer Look at Integrating Energy and Environmental Policy

By Christopher James, Ken Colburn
Part one of this series described why it is increasingly necessary to integrate energy and environmental planning and introduced one way to do so, the E-Merge approach. Improvements in public health science, detection technologies, and modeling over the last 25 years require parallel improvements in our decades-old regulatory approach for air quality. Likewise, t... Read More

Germany Adopts “Efficiency First” Principle – Let’s Work to Make it a Reality

By Jan Rosenow, Andreas Jahn
The German government recently published its Green Paper on Energy Efficiency and launched a consultation process inviting comments on the ideas put forward in the green book. RAP’s detailed response provides evidence and examples of the essential role that end-use energy efficiency must play in a faster and lower-cost transition to a clean energy economy. The ... Read More

Transparenzanforderungen der Energiewende

By Andreas Jahn
Im Fokus der weiteren Reform des europäischen Energiemarktes sollen nach dem Willen der Europäischen Kommission, des Europäischen Rates und des EU-Parlaments die Haushalte und Geschäftskunden stehen. Der gemeinsame EU-Strommarkt mit den gekoppelten nationalen Strommärkten erspart den Verbrauchern in der EU bereits heute Kosten in Milliardenhöhe. Allerdings ... Read More

Why the UK will Miss its Climate Targets Without a Step-Change in Building Energy Efficiency

By Jan Rosenow, Pedro Guertler
The last 18 months have been a major set-back in the British policy landscape affecting carbon emissions from buildings: the trajectory to zero carbon new build has been paused; government support for Green Deal finance was withdrawn with no alternative mechanisms in place to encourage and enable investment by able-to-pay households; government announced that fun... Read More

Delivering the Benefits of Customer Participation in the Energy Market

By Philip Baker
Europe’s new energy project promises to put a focus on consumer interests, yet what this new market would look like in practice is often poorly understood. As the European Commission ponders the design of a new and interconnected energy market for Europe, it needs to make sure this market benefits consumers, while not disadvantaging suppliers. Phil Baker, senio... Read More

Wholesale Electricity Markets and Pricing in China: How is Reform Going?

By Max Dupuy, Wang Xuan
Implementation of wholesale electricity markets is a major theme of China’s power sector reform effort, launched in early 2015. The central government has issued guidance documents on market design, and various Chinese provinces and regions have announced pilots for wholesale electricity markets. However, policymakers are still working to specify and build cons... Read More