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Report October 10, 2019

The Economics of Distributed Energy Resources

By David Littell, Jessica Shipley, Wang Xuan, Camille Kadoch, Carl Linvill, John Shenot, John Brautigam

The rapid growth in distributed energy resources (DERs) has delivered benefits for residential customers, businesses and utilities. This accelerating worldwide spread has also created a challenge that regulators recognize: how to determine the value of these resources for the grid, for customers and for the public as a whole and then how to measure benefits and c...

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Policy Brief September 13, 2019

Protecting Customers from Utility Information System and Technology Failures

By David Littell, Jessica Shipley, Megan Anderson

Information systems (IS) and information technology (IT), which continue to grow more innovative every year, promise improved communication, services and billing between utilities and customers, better and more reliable service, and greater visibility into the operations of utility grids. Advanced IS/IT systems are critical to ensuring that smart meters and other...

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Presentation June 20, 2019

Value on the Table

By David Littell

​David Littell focused on the grid benefits of advanced clean technologies during a presentation to ISO New England’s Consumer Liaison Group in Westborough, Massachusetts. He examined the value to ratepayers and customers that goes unrecognized and unrealized​ under current wholesale market constructs....

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Policy Brief April 29, 2019

New England’s Rate Design Disconnect: Analyzing the Region’s Wide Variation in Electricity Bills

By David Littell, Joni Sliger

Maps showing the average monthly customer bill in each New England state (left) and rates per kilowatt-hour for large utilities throughout the region (right).   Household electricity bills vary significantly across the United States, but in no region do they vary as much as in New England. The average household in Massachusetts pays 34 percent more...

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Presentation February 5, 2019

Let’s Be More Flexible: Rules and Tools for a Modern Power Grid

By David Farnsworth, Carl Linvill, David Littell, Jim Lazar, Jessica Shipley

​In a webinar presentation moderated by David Farnsworth, Carl Linvill, David Littell, Jim Lazar, and Jessica Shipley discussed the importance of flexible resources to the power grid. They offered examples of flexibility from around the country and explored tools to optimize flexible resources: pricing and price-responsive demand, controlled loads, and open p...

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Webinar (video)

Let’s Be More Flexible: Rules and Tools for a Modern Power Grid (Webinar)

Grid operators have historically forecast demand and scheduled generation to meet that demand. But new technologies allow us to use flexible renewable resources and flexible load to ensure that demand and supply stay in balance. The flexibility that these technologies provide allows for a lower-cost and lower-emission power sector. It also enables the cost-effective integration...

Presentation November 29, 2018

Market and Regulatory Decarbonization Approaches

By David Littell

​In a presentation at Bowdoin College in Brunswick, Maine, David Littell outlined lessons learned from various approaches to carbon regulation, in particular the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative.​...

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