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Report December 15, 2022

Standards for EV smart charging: A guide for local authorities

By Luka De Bruyckere, Jaap Burger

The electrification of road transport is happening – and it is already having a profound impact on the energy system and our cities. As more and more people drive electric, smart charging can ease the integration of the newcomers into the grid. Smart charging enables charging to automatically happen at times when electricity costs are lowest – without comp...

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Webinar (video)

The time is now: smart charging of electric vehicles (Webinar)

If the video is not visible, please accept all cookies to enable the player. European policymakers and car manufacturers are increasingly committing to the phaseout of internal combustion engine vehicles. With this shift to electric transport, tariffs and services for so-called smart charging of EVs bring significant value to consumers and the power sector. Now...

Report April 27, 2022

The time is now: smart charging of electric vehicles

By Jaap Burger, Julia Hildermeier, Andreas Jahn, Jan Rosenow

The transition to zero-emission mobility and a decarbonised energy system are best planned in tandem, and electric vehicles will play a key role in both shifts in the coming years. Automakers are already committing to phasing out internal combustion engine vehicles, making Europe’s transport future electric. EVs are more than a cleaner vehicle; they are a power...

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