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Policy Brief June 1, 2017

Unleashing Demand Response with Effective Supplier Compensation

By Philip Baker

Explicit demand response, where aggregators enable small commercial and domestic consumers to participate directly in the wholesale market by flexing their demand, is a vital resource in the transition to a sustainable electricity system. However, barriers to the successful development of this vital resource exist in many Member States, including the need for agg...

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Report May 31, 2017

Getting From Here to There: Regulatory Considerations for Transportation Electrification

By Regulatory Assistance Project

The electric industry in the 21st century is evolving in different ways from the power sector and traditional regulation of the preceding century. More recently, advances in technology and new customer expectations are shifting the landscape. Customers are producing their own energy; electric vehicles (EVs) are becoming a new class of end use, and utility distrib...

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Presentation May 31, 2017

Resiliency Projects that Include Solar

By John Shenot

At a SolSmart workshop in Oklahoma City, John Shenot discussed the role of solar energy and microgrids in improving resiliency....

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Discussion Draft May 26, 2017

Poverty Amidst Plenty: Limits of Generation Bias and State Allocation in Madhya Pradesh’s Power Sector

By Ashwini K. Swain

Despite phenomenal growth in power availability, Madhya Pradesh continues to struggle with high-level energy poverty. Two decades after the state-initiated distribution reforms, the power utilities are still grappling with past problems. Institutional restructuring, which unfolded over 11 years, resulted in a complex institutional architecture that provides the s...

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Discussion Draft May 25, 2017

From Gloom to Boom: Bihar’s Electricity Sector

By Zakaria Siddiqui

The state of Bihar is one of the poorest in India, but in recent years its economy has been showing signs of improvement. The electricity sector has also seen significant progress since 2005, and more so after 2012. Since mass protests prompted by the dismal performance of the power sector in the state in 2011, the government has been pumping huge sums of money i...

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Presentation May 23, 2017

Energy from Waste: Where are We, and Where are We Going?

By Nancy Seidman

Nancy Seidman discussed energy from waste and the inextricable link between energy and environmental regulation at the New York Federation of Solid Waste Association's 2017 Solid Waste and Recycling Conference....

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